Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting Rasoise!!

We are sisters who have started this food blog with the blessing from our three mothers. We have grown up hogging and enjoying the home made food cooked by our mom. She is a true punjabi marwari who brings life to each food recipe she will make.

Nancy, being the elder, picked up mom’s qualities really very soon. And have learned to cook under the wings of my momma dearest. She lives in Rajasthan with her family and is doing a full time job. However, I, Nidhi have learnt it as a necessity after being married. I am married in a Maharashtrian family. I worked in IT industry for almost 6years and resigned to serve my family. It is not that my mom-in-law does not cook. Instead she is such a great cook, that my husband’s expectation is sky-rocketed. I have learnt from previous mistake of not being trained under my mother’s wings, I am training under my mother-in-laws 😉

I am a learner while Nancy has an upper hand with learning’s from mom and her mother-in-law. It is a family blog where we all will try and put together our family recipes. The cooking for these recipes will be done at both Nancy’s and my kitchen. The blog will contain both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes. Most of the vegetarian recipes come from Nancy’s kitchen and Non Vegetarian from my kitchen. We are also taking help from cookbooks and internet to present a good recipe. The recipes are presented in a simple way so that even bachelor’s can try recipes from our blog.

The content creation, photography, editing is done by Nancy and me. Posting of the recipes and IT related aspects of the blog is taken care by me.

Hope you enjoy cooking with Rasoise!!

You can contact us on rasoise26@gmail.com!!

Best Regards,

Nancy & Nidhi

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I too enjoy cooking and just a beginner at it!! I am happy that I’ll get new ideas of cooking through this blog. I loved the recipe of dhondas, will definitely try it. All the best to both of you on this venture. I am looking forward to lots of tasty recipes. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much April 🙂 Its really great that you visited our blog and helped us discover your interesting blog.. We look forward to following your blog as well! Happy Cooking!!

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